Weblogic BSU Command

About the bsu Command

When using the bsu command, either interactively or through a script, note that this command:

  • Runs the bsu script (bsu.cmd on Windows systems, bsu.sh on UNIX systems) that is located in the MW_HOMEutilsbsu directory. When running the bsu command, first change to this directory on the system from which you are running it.

  • Can be executed from a command file (on Windows) or shell script (on UNIX).

  • Contains the subset of Smart Update functionality that enables you to:

    • Apply and remove patches that are located in an accessible patch download directory

    • View patches that are in the download directory, applied to a product
      installation on the current system, or applied to a specific patch
      profile for the current system

    • Generate reports listing the patches applied to a product installation

    The bsu command can also invoke the Smart Update graphical interface and send messages to a log file.

  • Can apply patches to, or view patches on, only those products
    installed from the system on which this command is run, as follows:

    • If the current system contains a product that was installed by a
      different system, you cannot apply patches to that installation or view

    • If the current system was used to install a product located on a remote-mounted disk drive, you can use the bsu command with that installation.

    Therefore, the restrictions regarding the specific product installations that can be maintained through the bsu command is the same as for Smart Update’s graphical interface.

  • Cannot be used for the following:

    • Creating custom patch profiles

    • Locating start scripts to modify

    These capabilities are available only from Smart Update’s graphical interface.


    bsu -view -status=downloaded -prod_dir=C:OracleMiddlewarewlserver_10.3




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