Workflow mailer outbound and inbound setup

Workflow mailer outbound and inbound setup for R12 Oracle Applications.

Assumption : It is assumed that the setup is being done for both outbound (send emails) and inbound (to process approvals).


1. SYSADMIN user access or Oracle Applications access which has system administrator access.

2. SMTP server hostname and port detail

3. SMTP Server’s port access from Oracle Applications server where concurrent is running

4. Oracle Applications Web’s physical host and active Port

5. webmail workflow email id and password (access), once you have access, Create the PROCESSED AND DISCARD folders from the EMAIL application.
Please note : IMAP protocol is alone available.

Configuration Steps:

1. Login to Oracle applications –> System administrator –> oracle Applications manager –> workflow

2. Click over notification mailer.

3. Ensure that the Notification Mailer is stopped, Else select the stop from the Lov (right corner in the same row), and click Go
please wait for few minutes until it is stopped (you will see user deactivated)

4. click on Edit and Advanced.

5. Best practices is to have Startup mode as Automatic (which will bring up mailer services automatically when workflow containers are up).
it is up to you, if you would like to bring up manual, you may select startup mode as manual.

6. Click next, Ensure Inbound thread count and outbound thread count as 1

7. Click Next, in Inbound Email Account section, Select Inbound protocal => IMAP, Enter the Inbound Server Name, Webmail username & Password

8. In Outbound Email Account section, Enter Outbound Server name . if you have outbound authentication, then enter the userid and password.

9. Ensure that all points in pre-req 4 completed, click next.

10. Ensure ‘From’ has Correct entry, and map reply-to address ( as webmail email id, ensure HTML Agent has correct URL.

11. Related to Workflow mailer configuration, all above steps only related , you may click finish, or Click next till the end, review the details and click finish.


13. Navigate –> System administrator –>Profiles –> system

14. Query “WF: Workflow Mailer Framework Web Agent”, click find, ensure “IT SHOULD HAVE PHYSICAL WEB SERVER ADDRESS AND ACTIVE WEB PORT ENTRY”, if in case your web URL is virtual host.

15. Once saved, Start the workflow mailer services (Oracle applications –> System administrator –> oracle Applications manager –> workflow Notification Mailer –> start)

Additional info

If you want to outbound (send emails) alone and not approvals , make inbound thread count as 0 and outbound thread count as 1,
and dont provide any details related to inbound.

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