Books Launched by Doyens

The highly skilled Doyensys Team has come together to write 6 books in total on various topics to help organisations reach their maximum potential that will be released on the 5th of December at Hilton Hotel, Chennai.


Just Relax DBA

Just Relax DBA helps beginners learn Oracle DBA by providing tips, tricks, and techniques from experts. With dedicated chapters for every area of Database administration, this book will help you grasp the nuances in no time and this book makes understanding administration easier.

Arun Kumar Kubendiran

Mahendran Manickam

Sundaravel Ramasubbu

Gokulkumar Radhakrishnan


Is Your Data Secure?

A rich guide full of knowledge & expertise to secure your data.

Gobinath Radhakrishnan

Asif Hussain

Nirmal Kumar Veeraraghavan

Pushparaj Vijayan


Human = Possibilitiy

A Must read for all the PEOPLE managers, Freshers and HR's. Helps to understand the Human possibility around every organizational situation.
For those who aspire to create great careers and high performing organizations.

Srividya Srinivasan

Gopikrishnan P

Preethi M

Bhagavathy Ramachandran M


Fly to Cloud

This Book will cover why one should choose Oracle Fusion cloud to optimize and modernize their business process and how to migrate to Oracle Fusion Cloud from EBS

Prathap Nagarajan

Anandkumar Palanisamy

Venkatanaga Suryanarayana

Archana Raghu

Vimal Manimozhi


Oracle Apex – The Tailor Fit

Book talks about how we can customize apex application and the sample customization that Doyensys have done to fulfill different needs of the customer which cannot be achieved by the builtin features available in apex

Rajan Chandru

Sathya Jegan N

Pandimuneeswaran K

Karthik S



RPA alludes to the utilization of programming “robots” that mimic tasks performed by people. These robots are particularly useful for computerizing rule-based procedures that require association with various, unique IT systems.

Mechanical Process Automation is an insightful method for taking a shot at errands that can without much of a stretch be ordered by the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Anand Rajendran

Anil Appanaboyina

Gopikrishna Kakuru

Nagaraju Mutakaratapu