ADC – Automatic Document Creation in Oracle Purchasing R12.2

Concept: ADC is created for the documents like Blanket Purchase Agreement, Approved Quotes, and Contract Purchase Agreements to Release the Purchase Orders automatically.
  • Below is the process flow for reference:

STEP 1: Item Creation
      Let’s create an item in Master Inventory with below details.
  • Item : MOBILE
  • Unit Price : $15
  • Purchasing Template
  • Use Approved Supplier
  • Inventory Planning Method: Min-Max
  • Min-Max quantity : 25-50
  • Source Type: Supplier

  • Now let’s open a normal purchase order and Type selected as Blanket Purchase Agreement and approve as below.
              Invoking: Purchasing->Purchase orders->Purchase orders.

Step 2: Approved Supplier List
Invoking:  Purchasing->Supplier Base->Approved Supplier List.
  • Enter the item we created and fill in the key Attributes as below.
  • Save the above dialog box and Click on Attributes, and you will see the below form.
  • Mention the Blanket Purchase Agreement number we created before.
  • Release Method as “Automatic Release

  • Now let’s create Sourcing rules as below.
              Invoking: Purchasing->Supplier Base->Sourcing Rules

  • Here we have created the sourcing rules as Test_Source_ADC.

STEP 4: Assign Sourcing Rules
  • Now let’s assign the sourcing rule we created before, to this form, and Assignment Set as Test_Assignment_ADC
  • And if we scroll to the right above we can view Sourcing Rule/BoD where we can attach the sourcing rule we created, as below and save the form.

STEP 5: MRP Profile Option Set
  • Switch to System Administrator responsibility and select Purchasing as responsibility.
  • Profile: %MRP%Default% and attaché our assignment set (Test_Assignment_ADC)

Profile Option: MRP: Default Sourcing Assignment Set

STEP 6: Run Min-Max Planning Report and Requisition Report

  • Switch to inventory responsibility and run the Min-max planning as below.
              Invoking: Inventory->Planning-> Min-Max Planning
               & view the output.
  • Simultaneously run “Requisition Import” report from purchasing responsibility
              Invoking: view->Requests->Submit new request
  • As soon as you run it, you can view four concurrent programs running at the background.

STEP 7: Releasing PO
  • Now open Requisition summary and query by our item created: MOBILE.
              Invoking: Purchasing ->Requisitions->Requisition Summary
  • You can view the requisition line summary as below.
  • Now we are in the final step of the process.
  • Open the Purchase Order  Summary, query by our item created (MOBILE) and make sure to check the View Releases check box.

  • Now below we can view our release option dialog box.
  • Click on Open and Approve the BPA release order.
  • Meanwhile we can check our detailed agreement value and release amount by click on agreement Tab above.

  • The total Agreement amount is $50,000 and we have released an order for $780, similarly we can release multiple BPA orders correspondingly.
  • This completes the process of Automatic Document Creation in Purchasing. 

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