AMEX Payment Process

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There is a plan to  make payment  to Suppliers through AMEX Card so that instead of paying through checks or EFT going forward suppliers who opt for AMEX Card Payment Method can get their payments through corporate card details provided by Saxon. For this an understanding has been reached between AMEX , Saxon and the willing suppliers to avail of the card facility. The following is the procedure proposed to be followed once the AMEX Card facility is made available to the Suppliers
  • Supplier sends their invoices as is being normally done
  • Invoice entered in Oracle System at Saxon and  selected for payment based on the payment process run
  • In the payment process run instead of EFT or bank account of the supplier the payment would be routed through the card
  • Once the payment run is over the details of the payment to be mailed to AMEX who will then proceed to make payment to the Supplier
  • Once payment made AMEX will forward the statement of such payments to Saxon who will review, reconcile and then make a payment to AMEX
Based on the above understanding  the following processess need to be mapped and configured in Oracle to make the system operational and made available online in Oracle
  • Some of the suppliers are paid through check, EFT and wire
  • The suppliers  are accordingly linked to the respective PAY GROUPs
  • These payments are currently processed through the HSBC/Chase Banks defined internally.
  • Remittance Advise being sent on payment proccessing.
  • The reconciliation/clearance for such payments are done through the Cash Management on a monthly basis before the period close based on the statement received from the respective banks


Since going forward some of the payment to the supplier would opt for the AMEX Card process the following are the new configuration /changes to the existing processes is as detailed below
  • Creation of a new PAY GROUP  (AMEX) and associating the suppliers to the new PAY GROUP at their site level.
  • Creating  two new account codes in the ACCOUNTS segment of the Accounting Flexfield
    • one for the AMEX Cash Clearing Account  AND
    • AMEX  Clearing Account (to be in this account till such time the payment is made to AMEX ) both the accounts will be Asset Account Type Classification.
  • Creation of a New Internal Bank by the name AMEX alongwith Branch and Account Details to be used for payment processing for PAY GROUP AMEX suppliers
  • Creation of a Payment Process Profile for processing the AMEX supplier payment
  • Creation of a Payment Template that can be used for processing  AMEX supplier payment (OPTIONAL)
  • Creation of AMEX as a supplier for making payment to AMEX on receipt of statement from AMEX towards payment to supplier


  • Payments to AMEX will be routed through Payables and not through Manual entry in GL
  • The card provided by AMEX is a USD Denominated card and there will be no forex payments happening
  • The AMEX bank charges/fees will be tracked and paid separately as is being is currently handled for other internal banks.


Step 1: Creation of the PAYGROUP
Navigation :>Oracle Payables Resp>Setup>Lookups>Purchasing
Step2 :Create Account Codes in the Accounting Flexfield
Navigation : General Ledger Responsibility>Setup>Financials>Flexfields>Key Flexfields>Values
Step 3.1: Creation of an internal bank- AMEX Card Services
Navigation Oracle Payables>Setup>Payments>Banks
Step 3.2 Creation of a Branch
Navigation Oracle Payables>Setup>Payments>Bank Branch
Step 3.3 Creation of a Bank Account

a. Defining the Bank Account and the Account Number
b. Defining the Clearing and the Cash Account
c. Defining the access options and contact
d. Defining the Options

Step 4: Creation of a Payment Process Profile
Navigation Oracle Payables>Setup>Payments>Payment Adminsitrator
Step 4.1 Defining the Usage Rules
Step 4.2 : Defining Payment
Step 4.3 Defining Reporting
Step 5. Creation of a Payment Template
Navigation: Oracle Payables>Payments>Payment Manager
Step 6: Creation of AMEX as a supplier
Navigation : Oracle Payables>Supplier>Entry-Address Book Link
Step 6.1. Creation of the Address and site
Step 6.2 Definition of the Terms and Conditions- Accounting Link
Step 6.3 Defining the Invoice Management Details Link
Step 7.1 :Create a Distribution Set and attach it to the supplier site as detailed below
Navigation : Oracle Payables>Setup>Invoice>Distribution Set
Step 7.2 Associate the above distribution set to the Supplier AMEX so that the account defaults during the invoice creation as shown in the screenshot below.
Navigation : Oracle Payables>Supplier>Entry-Accounting Link
Once the above process is under taken the following is the accounting Entries that will take place
1.On receipt of Invoice and creation in System

Charge/Asset Account (Non PO) Dr
AP Accrual Account (PO matched )Dr
     To Supplier Liability  Cr
1.On receipt of Statement from AMEX

AMEX Clearing (10175) A/c Dr
  To Supplier Liability A/c
2.On payment Processing in Oracle for onward dispatch to AMEX

Supplier Liability A/c Dr
  To Cash Clearing A/c Cr
2. On Payment Processing

Supplier Liability A/c Dr
   To Cash Clearing A/c Cr
3.On payment to Supplier by AMEX-Clear transaction in Cash Management

AMEX Clearing (10175) A/c  Dr
   To Cash Clearing A/c Cr
3. On payment to AMEX
Cash A/c Dr
    To Cash Clearing A/c Cr


Testing Steps
1.Create an Invoice from a supplier using AMEX facility
2.Create a payment and make a payment
3.Create an Invoice on AMEX on receipt of statement from AMEX
4.Clear the payment from Cash Management for payments made to supplier by AMEX using the statement sent by AMEX
5.Make a payment to AMEX
6.Clear the payment to AMEX from Cash Management
7.Run Create Accounting from Payables
8 Run the Account Analysis Report from Payables and verify and reconcile the accounts 10175 (AMEX Clearing Account)
STEP 1: Create an Invoice of a supplier who will receive payment from AMEX
The following is the accounting entry
STEP 2: Create a Payment to the Supplier using the Payment Process Request (AMEX)
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Once the concurrent run verify the next process to be followed by clicking on the Monitor Request Link on the Payment Dashboard
Verify the output of the Payment Select Report as shown by arrow above which will display the information in the following screenshot.
Verify the status of the payment
The payment is confirmed./
STEP 3:Run the Create Accounting for the payment which will generate the following entries
STEP 4:Send the Remittance Advise to the Supplier

STEP 5:On receipt of the statement from AMEX carry out the Clearing from the Cash Management
The following are the accounting entries on clearance of the payment
STEP 6:Create an invoice on AMEX
The following is the accounting entry for the invoice.

STEP 7:Make a payment to AMEX and account it
On accounting the following entries are created
STEP 8:Clear the transaction for payment to AMEX in Cash management
STEP 9:Run the create accounting and the following entries are created
STEP 10:Run the Account Analysis Report from Payables to reconcile the accounts 10175 and 10180

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