This function
calls a PL/SQL on-demand process defined on page or application level.

It’s an wrapper of the jQuery.ajax function and supports all the setting the jQuery function provides but provides additional Application Express features.


Apex.server.process is an feature available in  Oracle APEX4.2
and above. This is an Asynchorous Process.

Format:apex.server.process( pAjaxIdentifier,
pData, pOptions )

pAjaxIdentifier  : Required                         

Use the value
returned by PL/SQL package
apex_plugin.get_ajax_identifier to identify
your plug-in.

pData  : Optional
you can set the scalar parameters x01 – x10 and the arrays
f01 – f20).

pOptions : Optional

Object which can optionally be used to set additional options
used by the AJAX


Create On-demand process(Application Process).

Dynamic Actions using Execute Javascript code.
Call the
On-demand process in apex.server.process with parameters.
{dataType: “text”,
Success: function(pData){alert(pData)
Application Name – t1

Scalar Parameter- x01:p_item_value
Application process return value will be assigned to pData.
pData is assigned to tabular form column value(“f03_”+new1).


Change the values in tabular form and next field will
get displayed as dynamically.

Step:4 :  Output:

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