Assign Offerings and options to a Project and How to Assign Project tasks to the Users

Step1: Click on Next button to assign Offerings and Options. Which we have planned to implement.

we will navigated to Select offerings to implement window as below

Step2: we are assuming that, implementing Financials and Procurement, hence we enabled both Offerings.
Note: we can include offerings and options to the project at any point of time.

Click on Save and Open Project, it will navigate to your open project

 How to change Project Status

Step 3:we can change the project Status by clicking Edit Status

 Step4: Change the Status from Not Started to In Progress and click on Save and Close button

How to Assign Project tasks to the Users

STEP 1:we can assign specific tasks to the Specific Users for performing the configuration. Click on Assign Tasks button for assigning the tasks to user.

Step2: Click on + Button under the Assigned users region. Select user from the list of values and click on save and close.
  How to View the Project Status

We could be able to check the status of the project, Navigate to the Projects and click on overview button, from here we would be able to check the status.



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