BI Publisher Report with Excel Template

Step1:Concurrent Program
Create a Concurrent Program with Exceutable File Name
Step:2 Data Xml Template
Create a Data Xml Template for the Query
Step:3 Data Definitions
Create a Data Definition under XML Publisher
Administrator responsibility with the above XML Template.
Step:4 Excel Template
Define the Tag for Fields in the Excel Template in the
following Format:
Data elements: XDO_?element_name?
where XDO_ is the required prefix and
?element_name? is either:
the XML tag name from your data delimited by
a unique name that you will use to map a derived value
to the cell
?group_name? is the XML tag name for the parent
element in your XML data delimited by “?”.
a unique name that you will use to define a derived
grouping logic.
Tag for AR Invocie Posting Date : XDO_?AR_POSTING_DATE?
Tag for Group : XDO_GROUP_?G_HEADER?
The element name in XML data should match with the
field name in the tag.
For group, select the entire record and provide the
Step:5 Templates

Create a Templates under XML Publisher Administrator
Responsibility with the type as ‘Microsoft Excel’
Step: 6 Excel Output:

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