Blind Receipts in Oracle Purchasing – R12.2

                                Blind Receiving

This type of receipting allows the quantity as zero quantity while receipting no matter what is mentioned in the Purchase order.
The purpose behind it is to count the goods once arrive to inventory and enter the quantity manually.
Step 1: Create PO.
NAV: Purchase orders—– Purchase Orders.
Create a Purchase order say for 100 quantities and approve the PO.
Now if we perform the receipting the systems show the quantity entered in the PO.

Step 2: Receiving Options
Go to Receiving Options and enable “Allow Blind Receiving” option.
NAV: Setup—- Organizations—– Receiving Options.

Step 3: Receipting.
NAV: Receiving—- Receipts.
Go to Receipts form and now you can find the Quantity as 0, which allows to enter as many as items you require.

With “Allow Blind Receiving” checked system will not display the quantity ordered or due. This is to ensure that receivers receive the exact quantity they received from Supplier.

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