BPA With Allow Price Override and Price Limit Functionality – R12.2

Allow Price Override and Price Limit in BPA

Case 1: Checking Allow Price Override

Step 1 – Create and Approve BPA:
Responsibility: Purchasing.
NAV: Purchase Orders——–Purchase Orders.
Create a Blanket Purchase Agreement for Item 3 with price as 100.
Approve the Blanket Order and note down the BPA number (15). 

Step 2 – Create Releases:
Now Release the Blanket Purchase Order.
NAV: Purchase Orders——— Releases.
Query with PO number come to line level where you can notice that Price option is grayed out in the Price Tab which makes sure that you can only edit the quantity and not the Price while releasing the Blanket PO.

Step 3 – Enable “Allow Price Override”:
Now again go to same purchase order and enable the “Allow Price Override” option in “Price Reference” TAB in the line level and save. (Price Limit will be defaulted from the List price)
Please note that any modifications in the approved blanket purchase agreement will change the status to Requires Re approval and creates the new Revision Number. Approve the Blanket PO again.
Now try to release the same line and notice as we gets the option to edit the price as below.
Note: Checking Allow Price Override option in the Line level makes you edit the price in the Blanket Release for that particular line.

Case 2: Price Limit control for Blanket release

Step 1 – Enter “Price Limit” Amount in BPA Lines:
Go to the same Blanket PO (above one) and change the Price Limit to 120 from 100 and save.

Step 2 – Change the Price in BPA Release upto 120:
Now if you try to release the Banket PO, you will be able to change the price maximum till 120.

Step 3 – Change the Price in BPA Release More than 120:

The system will not allow you to increase the price more than 120 as we have limited the line price to 120 in “Price Reference” TAB.
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