BSA – Blanket Sales Agreement and Releases in Oracle R12.2

  • Blanket Sales Agreements are used when you have specific characteristics related to a purchasing agreement between a customer and a supplier. These characteristics include the date range of the agreement, the items included, the price of the items, the quantity of each item that the parties committed to, as well as other attributes, like freight or payment terms.
  • Below is the step by step procedure to process BPA in order management.

STEP 1: Sales Agreement Transaction Type
  • Let’s create a separate transaction for BSA and document type as Sales Agreement as below.
Invoking: Setup?Transaction Type?Define
  • Here we have created a new transaction type as Blanket_Sales_Agreement.
  • Fulfillment Flow as “Sales Agreement Flow – Generic”

STEP 2: Creating Document Sequence & Assigning
  • Now let’s create a fresh Document sequence and assign for the transaction type we created.
Invoking: Setup?Documents?Define
  • Here we have created sequence as BSA_Sequen_Test
  • And assign the sequence by Invoking: Setup?Documents?Assign
  • Mention the Ledger name in Ledger and Transaction type created in the category, our created sequence in Sequence Field and save the dialog box as below.

STEP 3: Separate BSA for One Customer
Invoking:  Sales Agreement?Sales Agreements
Let’s concentrate here on two separate levels – Header level and Line level.
  • Firstly in header, Query the customer you already created and attach our transaction type in Sales Agreement Type as below.
  • Click on the shipping tab and provide the Ship to Location, freight terms, shipping method.
  • In pricing mention the price list you already created.
  • Now if you click on Acceptance Tab, the Customer Accepted button is graded out, since no approval and acceptance has been made yet.
  • Now let’s fillip the line level fields.
  • Query any item you have already created in inventory so that this item is applicable for BSA and click on submit draft button as below.
  • Now click on Acceptance tab and provide the Customer and Supplier name of your choice, you can view the Customer Accepted button enabled and click on it, which indicates that the customer has reviewed and accepted the BSA.
  • Now the status of the sales agreement becomes Active from graded.

STEP 4: Releasing BSA

  • On the same page click on action tab and select create Releases.
  • New sales order form is opened, book the order as below.
  • Now if you try to query  any other item apart from Datacard and proceed to book, it won’t allow us to process further since we have mentioned only one item(Datacard) in BSA.
  • Error message is below.
  • Now if you query by the order number in sales order the line status will be Awaiting Shipping
  • From which we can perform O2C cycle as below. Pick Release /Ship Confirm.
  • Now the status is changed to Shipped.
  • Run workflow background process to change the line status to Invoice Interface.

  • Similarly we can release “n” number of BPA from the Sales Agreement we created.
  • Once a Blanket Sales Agreement is entered for a customer, multiple releases (shipments) against the Blanket Sales Agreement are processed over a period of time within Order Management. The order is fulfilled and billed according to the terms of the Blanket Sales Agreement. Tracking information will also be accumulated for Blanket Sales Agreements, this information is used to view status of orders executed against a Blanket Sales Agreement.

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