Cascade Receipts in Oracle Purchasing – R12.2

Cascade Receipts

The Cascade function facilitates the distribution of a given quantity of an item and UOM from a single supplier across multiple shipments and distributions

When you select the Cascade button, Purchasing displays the Cascade Details window in which you must enter the cascade quantity and the unit of measure. When you select the OK button, the cascade process begins.

The process starts at the first displayed line and allocates the supply available to receive/deliver to that line from the cascade quantity you entered. The process continues to the next line and again allocates the quantity available to receive/deliver, continuing until either the process reaches the last queried line or the cascade quantity is exhausted.

Step 1: Create a PO

NAV: Purchase Orders —— Purchase Orders.

Create two different purchase orders for the same items and for the same supplier.

Make sure that the UOM and the quantity differs as below.

Approve the purchase order.

Step 2: Receiving Options.

Go to receiving options and enable the “Allow Cascade Transactions“.

Step 3: Receipting.

Go to receiving form and search with supplier and the item number.

Now select the line and click on “Cascade” option available at the bottom of the form.

The cascade details pop up appears.

Now try to change the quantity and UOM and say OK.

Here we have taken the quantity as 15 boxes of 5. (15*5=75).

Give OK and notice the line quantity below.

Also give the Sub-inventory details in the line level.

Save the form. (Receiving is done)

Now again come to the receipts form and you can now notice the remaining quantity in the first line.

Do the same exercise as above by giving quantity as 5 boxes of 5. (5*5=25).

Give OK and save the form.

Now if we come to the receipts form again we can see that the first line quantity has completed and now we can receive the other items as 20 quantities with box of 6.

Where 20*case of 6=120 which is same as 10 dozens i.e. 120 items.

Now if we come to receipts form you cannot see any items left as both the lines were zeroed out.

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