Code Review Tools

Code Review plays a essential role in the Software development Life cycle
This Result in Higher quality code and avoid the cost and time which we suppose to spend after deployment if the code review is not done properly and also avoid the bad impression from the End user.
There are lot of tools in the market to achieve this like
  1. Atlassian Crucible (SVN, CVS and Perforce)
  2. Google Gerrit (for Git)
  3. Facebook Phabricator Differential (Git, Hg, SVN)
  4. SmartBear Code Collaborator (supports pretty much anything)
  5. Bitbucket code comments and
  6. Github code comments

In this Blog we are going to see the functionality of the Code Collaborator Review Tool,
1) Need to maintain the Repository for the Source maintenance like Subversion, Perforce, AccuRev         Etc

2) For this Blog I am selecting the Source control version as “Subversion” and I will create the review with the modified files in my Local subversion working directory. 

3) Click on Add Changes to create a New Review and enter the Title

4) When Click on Next, Code Collaborator queries the version control system and after it uploads the modified files from my working copy and the browser opens up and I finish creating the Review

5) Click on Next will open a new screen with the Review you created, you can select the Reviewer here
6) Click on Apply and Begin Review to start the Review

7) Reviewer will start their review by login with their credentials

8) Once after Log in he can see his Code Collaborator Home screen which populates the codes assigned for him.

9) Then he click a Review Link which take Access to the Review summary screen which shows the Review details

10) The Review materials section displays the code related to the Review

11) Click on File will allow the Reviewer to see the code and start do the Review

12) After Review there is a provision to select the code and put your comments, your comments will be highlighted with the Line Number. Both the Developer and reviewer can discuss about the Issue of the code and if developer agree there is an issue with that particular line then Reviewer will raise Defect to keep track on the Issue.

13) Once you log in as Developer and see the Reviewer Comments along with Line number, click on the Line number link will take you to the code window.  

14) There is a provision to see the comments written by Reviewer and you reply back your comments. Once you enter the comments then it will be considered as Mark Read I.e “Mark Read” button will be disabled or also you can make it as “Mark Read”.

15) Code Collaborator give you the real time chat between the Developer and Reviewer to discuss about the Issue. In the above screen developer Accepted there is an issue with the code.

16) Once you done with your conversation then you click on Done to close your window.

17) Once after Developer accepted the Issue with the code then Reviewer will Create the Defect by click on Add Defect” and put his comments, the Collaborator will help us to Track the Issue which has been found in the code.

18) Reviewer closes the window and change the Status as “File Activity Occurs” and “Waiting” which means he will be waiting until the New version of the files gets uploaded.

19) The Developer Edit the file and save the change and then he can use the Code Collaborator Eclipse Plugin to Add this file in this case to the Existing Review so the Newest version will be available in the Review.

20) Reviewer will get the Notification that new file version has been added to the Review

21) On click on the link he can see the code changes done by the Developer, which makes the Reviewer to understand the issue has been fixed.

22) After the confirming that Issue has been resolved, Reviewer will change the Status as “Finished” to complete the code

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