Deep Linking in Oracle APEX :

Deep linking refers to the ability to link to an Oracle Application Express page out of context . When you link to a page out of context and the application requires the user be authenticated, the user is taken to the login page. After credentials verification, the Application Express engine automatically displays the page that was referenced in the original link. Deep linking is supported for applications that use authentication schemes.
1-> On the Authentication page- Set the Page security as follows:
Authentication : Page Requires Authentication
Deep-linking  : Enabled
2-> In the dynamic action set the process as:
If success then – click Ok button
Else throw error
3-> Create a Branch:
   IF  :p2000_icon_prj_number IS NOT NULL 
      RETURN ‘f?p=201:1:&SESSION.::&DEBUG.’;
   END IF;
:P2000_icon_prj_number -> Parameter passed from source
Page 6 – If the URL is from source then redirect to the destination page with parameter passed
Page 1 – If the application is not from source then redirect to Home page
4-> In the source application pass the URL with parameter as follows:
201 – Application Number
2000– Authentication page
P2000_ICON_PRJ_NUMBER – Page Item for the parameter passed.
&ICON_PRJ_NUM. – Parameter passed from source
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