Fusion HCM – Customizing the Global Cheque

1. Copy the Existing Check Template from the Location : 

2. Paste the Copied Check Template to the
Custom Folder

3. Edit the Template according to your Requirement

4. Login to Application with implementation user and click Data Exchange in Navigator

5. Click ‘Manage HCM Extract Definitions’ link

6. In the search region enter ‘Payments’ for the name, select ‘Payments’
for the Type and select the Legislative Data Group (LDG) for which you want to
create/customize the Check Template, and then click the Search button.

7. Click on Payments. The Edit Extract
Definition page will open. Click Extract Delivery Options and click Add in
Extract Delivery Options section.  Create
a record for your Custom Check 

8. Add the Following Details :
Start date
End Date
Delivery Option Name (In example, name is ‘AH Check Writer
Output Type
Report (Report was created in /Custom/Human Capital
Management/Payroll/Payment Distribution folder and report name was AHChequeReport,
enter complete path as /Custom/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payment
Output Name
Template (Name should match the layout name in the report
created in BIP. It was created with name ‘AH Check Writer Report’)
Delivery Type: – None
Overriding Delivery Mode: – ‘US Check Writer Report’

Locale: – en-US.  It
can be different depending upon the language of the report
9. IAdditional Details (the section after Report
categories), add an entry for the delivery option name for Standard Cheque.
  Here, the Delivery option name was given as
‘AH Check Writer Report’

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