GST Return Material Authorization(RMA)

Responsibility: India Local Order Management.
Navigation: Oracle Order Management > Orders, Returns > Sales Order.
Click on Lie Items.
And click on Returns Tab.

Provide the Reference Type : Invoice
Provide Invoice Number
Provide Invoice Line
Click Ok.

Click ok.
Go to Pricing Tab and click on DFF.
BATRMA Select the Batch.
Click ok.
Click on Order Information Tab and click on Tools > India Tax Details.
Click on Apply.

 Click on Book order.

Click Ok.
Take the Receipts.
 Responsibility: India Local Inventory.
Navigation: Oracle Inventory > Transactions > Receipts > Receipts

 Select Customer Tab.

Provide the RMA No:
Click Find

Click on DFF, Select the India RMA Receipt
Click ok
Select the line and provide Sub Inventory.
Click the DFF

 Click ok

Click ok

 Click on Lot – Serial.

Click Done
Go to Tools > India Tax Details.
Click on header

 Run Auto Invoice.

Click ok
Click Submit.
Go to order Management responsibility and open Sales Order screen.
Query for RMA .
Click on Actions

 Select Additional Order Information.

Click on Invoices and take the Transaction Number.

 After Create Accounting.

View Accounting.

Take the Receipt Number.
Material Transactions Screen

 Click on Distributions Tab.

Journal Entry for Base Amount.

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