How to Add or Assign the Printer to a desired Reports

How to Add/Assign the Printer to a desired Report
Responsibility: Order Management Super User

Navigation: Setup >
Shipping > Documents > Choose Printers

Choose Document and Label Printers” Page will open.

Click the Documents link shown below.

Select the desired report name which you want to
attach the Printer

Printers and its assignments will be listed.

Add a new line and select the desired printer name.

You can assign the Printers by selecting the different values based on the “Level“. 

In the below case, the Pick Slip Report have been attached the new Printer at the Organization level. So, automatically all the Pick Slip reports which belongs to “TWB” Organization, will get printed in “WarehouseOfficeRicoh” printer.

Select the “Organization
at assignment level and Enter Organization Code in value field.

Scroll the horizontal bar to the end.

Enable the printer and make it default as shown below.


 The new Printer have been attached to that report.

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