How to enable the MOAC parameter “Operating Unit” for a Concurrent Program

  • You can notice that the new field “Operating Unit” which is new field in R12 and by default is in disabled mode:-

  • With the introduction of multi-org access control in release 12, an applications responsibility can access multiple operating units. Some concurrent programs have been enhanced to process multiple operating units simultaneously, while for other requests the operating unit must be specified when you run the program.

  • To support this, concurrent programs are defined with an operating unit mode of ‘S’ for single operating unit or ‘M'(concurrent program will be in this mode by default) for multiple operating units. If the ‘Operating Unit Mode’ is not set for the concurrent program it will fail.

  • The Operating Unit field/parameter is known as Reporting Context in MOAC(Multi Org Access Control) terminology.

  • For a concurrent program though there may be a need to only run for Single Operating Unit, though the Responsibility has access to Multiple Operating Units.

  1. Login into application with System Administration responsibility (NOT System Administrator)

  1. Navigate: Concurrent -> Programs

  1. Query for short name of the concurrent program

  1. Click on Update pencil icon of your program

  1. Under ‘Update Concurrent Program’ region, select Request tab

  1. Under ‘Request Setting’ region, select ‘Single’ from the drop down of ‘Operating Unit Mode’ field

  1. Save changes by clicking on ‘Apply’ button

Note:- Setting the Operating Unit Mode from the front-end can only be achieved using an Self-Service application i.e., System Administration but not System Administrator

  1. Change responsibility to the responsibility where the Concurrent Program can be run, in this example TESTOU is assigned to AR Super User responsibility
  2. Select the Concurrent Program from the SRS Window, now you can see that

Operating Unitfield is enabled and you can see the Operating Units in the LOV

This concludes the explanation about enabling the MOAC parameter Operating Unit for Concurrent Program.


  • March 31, 2015 | 82 views