How to find error messages while doing Oracle workflow activities from backend.

Finding error messages while doing
workflow activities from backend.

  1.            Find a workflow internal name
  2.            Query the workflow table with
    internal name and see the result output error message field.

Internal  name(Item type 
column in backend)

SQL queries:

Select * from
wf_item_activity_statuses where item_type= ‘APINVAPR’

Select * from
wf_item_activity_statuses where item_type= ‘APINVAPR’ AND      TRUNC(BEGIN_DATE)=TRUNC(SYSDATE)

Select  Invoice_id
ap_invoices_all  where invoice_num=’test19sep10′
From above query will get
a invoice_id(1524287)
Select * from   wf_item_activity_statuses where item_key
like ‘1524287%’

Result output will show error
message details in error_message column

Other SQL  Queries :

Select * from
where Type = ‘APINVAPR’
Select * from WF_ACTIVITIES where item_type = ‘APINVAPR’

Select * from wf_item_attributes where item_type = ‘APINVAPR’

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