How to Prepare the OTBI Reports in Oracle Fusion Financials

How to Prepare the OTBI Reports for Invoice Data
Please find the below setups for Preparing the OTBI Reports
Step 1: Login as Application User
Step 2: you will be in home page as below

 Step 3: we need to navigate to Functional Setup Manager, click on User Name and you will be able to see Setup and Maintenance option it will navigate you to functional setup manger.

Step 4: below is the functional setup manager window, we could able to see all the offerings as provisioned and enabled

 Step 5: we could see Financials Offering as provisioned and enabled,  we need to  click on Implementation projects button in the below screenshot.

Step 6: Search for our Project in the search window

 Step 7: Click on project name (hyperlink), it will open the project page

Step 8: Go to the Navigator and click on Reports and Analytics

 Step 9:In the below screen shot we can click on Analysis option it will display the list of Subject areas where we can select and create the OTBI Reports

Step10: In the Below screen we can select the respective Subject area and click create button.Here I am selecting the Payable Invoices –Transnational Real time
The subject area ends with Real time only we can build the OTBI Reports

 Step10:  Below Screen shot we can Expand  Payable Invoices Real Time Transactions and again we can expand the Business Unit and then select the BU and Drag the Right side.

Step11: Similar way we can select the Supplier, Supplier Site and Invoice
Step12 : After selecting the Required data in the Report we can click on next button


Step 13:  In the below screen we can enter the Report Name and Report Layout and then click on Next Button
Step 14:After click on next button it will display report in below screen shot and click on next button 3 times
Step 15: Below screen shot we can enter the Report Analysis name and enter the Folder name  and click on Finish Button.

 Step 16: After finishing the Report it will display the below image

Step 17: Expand My folder and again expand the Report which was given at the time report name given and again we can click on Report Analysis name it will display the detail below image. If we click on View the report data will display.

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