How to Process the Stuck Purchase Orders with an Pending “Respond to Changes” Action

are created using either from the Core Purchasing or Internet Procurement
responsibilities. Then the requisitions will be converted into Purchase Orders
using either Buyers Work Centre form or Autocreate form and will be submitted
for Approval. During the PO Approval process, if the Requestor requested any
changes in the Requisition through iProcurement then the related PO workflow
will be removed. So, the Purchase Order will get stuck in the system with
“In Process” status.

can not approve the Purchase Order using the normal approval process. The
workflow and it’s notifications will be removed against that PO because of the
change request in the requisitions.

this case, first the Buyer should respond to that change request.

1. Use the following query to determine if
there is a Change Request against the Purchase Order:

The query will prompt for the PO Number and the Org ID

select ref_po_num PO_Num, ref_po_header_id po_head_id, document_num
change_request_id CR_Id, change_request_group_id CR_Grp_ID,
last_update_date, document_line_number Doc_Line_Num, action_type,
request_reason, request_status status
from po_change_requests
where ref_po_header_id =
(select po_header_id
from po_headers_all
where segment1 = ‘&PO_NUMBER’
and org_id = ‘&ORG_ID’ )
and document_type = ‘REQ’
order by last_update_date

2. If an open Change Request is tied to the PO then the Change must be
either accepted or rejected by the Buyer. Normally the Buyer will have a
Notification in their Worklist to either accept or reject the changes.

If either the Buyer’s Worklist is not able to be reached or the needed
notification is not present, the following steps can then be taken to process
the outstanding change: 

Steps to Respond to the Changes:
into Purchasing Responsibility
Navigation: Purchase Orders > Purchase Order
the PO by entering the PO Number and click “Find
Summary form will get open with that desired PO
to Tools > Respond to Changes

Take the desired Actions (Accept / Reject) against the Change Request in that PO

Enter the Reason and click “Submit

get a
confirmation like below;

Requery the Purchase Order and check the PO

3. If after responding to the changes, the PO still remains in In Process
status, then engage Oracle Support iProcurement Product Group 398 to obtain a
datafix to reject the Change Request and return the PO back to Approved
status. Request the datafix from Bug 5620465 be reviewed to determine if it
will be applicable.

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