How to rectify FUN_INTER_PAY_NOT_VALID error in create accounting

During month close an error with invoices/receipts/transactions   “FUN_INTER_PAY_NOT_VALID”  is a blocker for the close. When this error occurs for AR, follow below steps to identify and fix this issue.

Step 1: Execute below query and identify the transaction that is causing the issue.

SELECT xlt.source_id_int_1 ID, xlt.security_id_int_1 org_id, xe.event_id,

xe.event_type_code, xe.event_status_code, xe.process_status_code,


FROM apps.xla_events xe,

xla.xla_transaction_entities xlt,

apps.xla_accounting_errors xae

WHERE xe.entity_id = xlt.entity_id

AND xe.application_id = xlt.application_id


AND xlt.source_application_id = 222 — Change Value to 200 for AP
–AND xlt.ledger_id = 12010
–AND xe.event_date between to_date(’01-APR-2016′,’DD-MON-YYYY’) and to_date(’30-APR-2016′,’DD-MON-YYYY’)

AND xe.process_status_code <> ‘P’

AND xe.event_status_code <> ‘P’

AND xe.event_id = xae.event_id

ORDER BY xe.event_date, xe.event_id;

Note: ID is the customer_trx_id if the event is invoice, ID is cash_receipt_id if the event is receipt.

Step 2: Query the transaction and find the GL strings that is being used. Make sure the code combination is active, and the individual values are active and enabled. 

Step3: Go to Accounting Setups > Accounting Options > SOB > Intercompany Accounts
Identify the Balancing segment value and replace the transaction balancing segment. Then make sure the GL string (replaced) and values are active and enabled.

Step4: Enable the code combination or values that are end dated/inactive. Now you will be able to account the transaction.

Step5:  Run Submit Accounting [ Or create Accounting in case of AP]. Make sure the create accounting program completes successfully. Also run the query mentioned in Step1 and make sure the records is not fetching.

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