How to Setup the Default Business Group in Fusion Application

Please find the below setups to set up the default Business Group
Step1: Login as Application User

Step2: you will be in home page as below

Step3: we need to navigate to Functional Setup Manager, click on User Name and you will be able to see Setup and Maintenance option it will navigate you to functional setup manger.
Steup4: below is the functional setup manager window, we could able to see all the offerings as provisioned and enabled
Step5: we could see Financials Offering as provisioned and enabled,  we need to  click on Implementation projects button in the below screenshot.

Step6: Search for our Project in the search window
Step7: Click on project name (hyperlink), it will open the project page

Step8: FSM Home Page search Manage Administrator Profile Values

Step9: Click on Manage Administrator profile Values
Step10:  Search the Profile Display Name has Default BU and Search Results Region We can click on (+) symbol for setting up default BU
Step11: Below Screen we can setup the Default Business Unit.

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