How to Update the Web Adi Template

How to Update the Web Adi Template:
This document target is ADI template update required


As per the business requirement user had requested to add the some fields to ADI template update required.
1. Reverse Journal 2. Reversal Period/Date

Installation Step:

Responsibility name: Desktop Integrator  
Click on Define Layout

Another web page is open 
Integrator: General Ledger-Journals (Select LOV) and Click on Go

Select Functional Actual’s –Single Global and Click on Update tab

Click on Next
In the Options fields tab please enable the check boxes
1. Reverse Journal –Placement –Header1
2. Reversal Period/Date—Placement—Header1

Click on Apply Button.
Now the Web Adi template is updated the required fields.

Similar way we can add any other fields as per the business requirement.

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