I Expense Related Issue Release R12

While employee Submitting expense reports, he will face the issues. Which means, expense report will get stuck up with the status as Pending with System Administrator

Action Points:
a. Check the Employee Supervisor Assignment
i. If Supervisor Assignment is not there,
1. We have to ask workday team to update the Supervisor for that employee and push it oracle.
2. If the Supervisor is there at workday, and not in oracle, we have to ask the workday to push it once again or
3. we have to ask the workday team to send the screenshot to us
4. Based on that we have to send an email to Business/GFA/Dataref for approval of amendment at employee level.
5. After getting an approval from data ref we can directly update Employee in Oracle.
ii. If Supervisor Assignment is there for this employee. We have to check for next level validation
b. We have to verify Supervisor Oracle USER ID
i. We have to verify, whether supervisor is having User ID for oracle
ii. Make sure that, for supervisor oracle user ID, employee (Person) assignment was completed.
iii. Ensure that Supervisor is having sufficient access for approving notifications (Responsibility Assignment)
iv. Check for the Expense report
c. Verify the Account Code Combination which was selected in that Expense report.
We have to check with Rene Coyel and team for CVR enable
As a part of solution, you have to follow below instructions
a. You have to correct everything as per the above analysis.
b. You can run a program from System Administrator to synchronize the data
c. Program Name: “Synchronize WF LOCAL tables”
 d. Restart the Workflow process and withdraw expense report and resubmit it. Supervisor will get a Notification.
On expected error Occurs, please contact your system administrator.
If this kind of issue arises, we have to follow below instructions
Action Points:
1. Verify the Account Code combination, which is selected in the account code combinations
2. Verify user might be using Back Space buttons on the keyboard to come out from the form. He should not use those buttons, we have to educate him on the process.
3. If the same error message is occurring at all OAF pages level, we should check for the profile option
MO%Operating%Unit% profile option which we will set it up at Site Level, some operating unit should be there at site level.

Nagaraju M
  • July 16, 2018 | 134 views