iExpense with Business and Personal expense validate and submit for approval

1. Log into Oracle and select  iExp User.

1. Click Create Expense Report to begin the process.

                               a. Track Submitted Expense Reports: displays any outstanding reports or those paid within    the past 30 days.
                              b. Update Expense Reports: displays any saved expense reports that have not been submitted yet, or expense reports that have not been fully processed.
                            c. Notifications: displays any system-generated notifications, such as a report has been rejected.

1. Enter the Purpose for the report.  Clearly describe the reason for the expense report to make it easier to identify later, and then click Next.  

     <Credit Card Provider Name>

2. You will see a notice if you have been issued a <Bank> Corporate Card and have charges not yet assigned to an expense report.

1. <Bank Name> Credit Card open transactions will be listed on the next page.

1. The Credit Card Expenses page displays to allow for classification and justification of the expense. (If you have no open Credit Card Expenses, you are taken directly to the Cash and Other Expenses page. Proceed to step  for instructions.)

2. Place a check in the box next to the expense item, then click Categorize as Personal. The amount will be removed from the expense report.

1. Enter aExpense type and Justification and click on Next Button.

1. Click Next Button.

1. Click on Submit Button.

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