GST Internal Requisition and Internal Sales Order(IRISO)

Please find the below setups for IRISO:

 Responsibility: India Local Purchasing
Navigation: Requisition Summary > Requisitions
Enter the Item, Quantity
Enter Destination Org
Enter Source Org

 Place the cursor on the header and click on
Tools > India Tax Details

Enter Tax category, and Intended use.

Make sure that the Recoverable Check box is enabled.
Make sure to click Apply button and save.
Click on Approve
Click OK.
 To check the Requisition, click on Enter Requisitions India
 Query the requisition with number
Click View > Request
And run Create internal Order program
Click no

Order Import:
Responsibility:  India Order Management
Navigation: Oracle Order Management > Orders, Returns > Import Orders > Order Import Request.
In oracle import request screen, provide the information.
Click ok

Click Submit.
Go to Order Organizer and Query for the Requisition Number. “2265067”

Click on Find
Click on Open
Select No Sales Credit in Salesperson column

Click on Line Items Tab.
Click on Tools > Scheduling

Select Reservation Details
Click ok.

Item Reservation Window will open.
 Click on Supply and select Lot and Sub-inventory
Save the work.
Come back to Sales Order Screen
Click on Book Order
Note will be displayed that the Order has been booked.
Click OK.
Responsibility: Oracle Order Management
Navigation: Oracle Order Management > Shipping > Release Sales Order > Release Sales Orders
Click on Concurrent
Click Ok.
Go to View > Request
 The Pick Selection List Generation” program will get triggered.
To view the journal entry created.
Go to India Local Inventory Responsibility and click on View Material Transactions.
Give the Item and click on find.
Place the curser on the FGI and click on Distributions button
Go to Shipping Transactions form
Responsibility: India Local Order Management
Navigation: Oracle Order management > Shipping > Transactions
Give the order number and click on find
In Shipping Transactions screen go to Delivery tab
Click on Ship confirm.
Click on Ok
Click Ok.
Make sure that the following programs complete in normal status.
Program Interface Trip Stop – SRS
Program India – Check Delivery OM/INV Interface
Make sure that the Line Status is changed to Interfaced.
Once the Ship confirm is over. (Shipment no: 4515496)
The following journal entries will get generated.
For base mount.
For Tax part.
Inventory Material Value AC DR
TO IGST Liability AC
Responsibility: India Local Inventory
Navigation: Oracle Inventory > Transactions > Receiving > Receipts
Select the Inventory org.
Provide the Shipment No: 4515496.
Click Find
Click the DFF

Select India Receipt.

Provide the supplier DC number and click on Ok.
Click on DFF
Select India Receipt

Select DC Quantity and click on ok
Enter Sub-inventory and
Click Lot Serial
Click on Done
Before saving please click on Tools > India Tax Details.
 Make sure that the tax lines got defaulted and Recoverable Check box is enabled.
Save and close
Once saved,
The receipt number will get generated on the header.
Base entry for Receipts:
Tax Entry

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