Move Order Approval Process in R12.2

Move Order Approval Method through Planner.
Before we learn about Move order, let us check the only setup for the move orders in organization Parameters.
Create a Move order for the same item and click on the approval button on the bottom of the form.
Navigation: Setup > Organizations > Parameters.
Here in the below Org parameters form we can make out two fields of setup for Move orders, we will go through the importance of those in later exercises below.
Step 1: Create a Planner.
Responsibility: Oracle Inventory.
Navigation:  Setup > Planners.
Open the Planner form and enter the details as below:
Name: Name for your Planner. (Tesco Plan here)
Description: As you like
Employee Field: Here the employee you enter will be the approver for the Move order.
Inactive On: End date action for this Planner.
Save the form.
Step 2: Assign the Planner to the Item.
Navigation: Items—– Org Items.
Select the item you wanted the approval process.

Go to General planning tab and assign the planner as below and save.
Step 3:  Move Order creation.
Let’s create the move order now and check the normal approval cycle as per the planner.
Once you click on approve you can observe the Move order status changes to Pending approval.
Now if you come to the Transact Move Order form you will get the move order created to transact.

Step 4: Approving the Move Order.
Now log in to the user whom we entered as the approver and check for the approval notification.
Check the Order and approve.
Again log into the requestor and check the notification which says that the Move order has been approved as below.

Now go to the move Order form and note the move order status has been changed to Approved.
Now go to the Transact Move order form and try to query the Move Order.
Select the Move Order and transact.
You will get the below note saying the item has been moved to the destination sub inventory.
Note: Replenish Move orders and Pick Wave Move orders are Pre-approved and will follow the approvals through Planners. The status of those move orders is Pre approved and ready to transact the materials.
Replenishment move order:
Pick Wave Move order:

Understanding move order time out period and time out Action. (Setups seen in Org parameters)
Let us now look into few scenarios on move orders with time out period and action.
Scenario 1: Move order Timeout Period: Null
                    Move order Timeout Period: Approve Automatically.
Here the system does not have any time out period and the move order will be approved automatically without considering the planner even if we assign.      
Create a Move order and click on Approve.

Move order will be approved even if we have planner assigned.

Scenario 2: Move order Timeout Period: Null
                    Move order Timeout Period: Reject Automatically.
This scenario will behave as same as above but the move order will be directly rejected (Not Approved) as per the Timeout action we have given. (Planner and Approvals are not considered)

Scenario 3: Move order Timeout Period:  1
                    Move order Timeout Period: Approve Automatically.
The Move Order Timeout Period field specifies the number of days the Move Order waits for approval. In the screenshot below we see that the Timeout Period has been set to 1 day. The first time the move order is created a notification is sent to the approver. If the approver does not take any action, then there will be a wait time of 1 day after which he will receive a second notification. Then after a second Timeout Period the move order is automatically accepted or rejected depending on the value in the Move Order Timeout Action field.
So if we create and approve the move order the move order goes through the approval method in the form of planner as below and the approver can either approve within the given timeout period or the system itself takes the decision either to Approve or Reject as based on the timeout action in the Org parameters.

Scenario 3: Move order Timeout Period:  1
                    Move order Timeout Period: Reject Automatically.
Here the Move order is in pending approval status and let us not approve it and note what happens to the Move order.
Notification (Primary) has been sent to the approver based on time out period value which again depends on the inventory calendar.
If the approver ignored the notification the system based on the timeout action rejects the Move order as below.

Now let’s query the Move order and note the order has been rejected (Not approved) status as below and observe the Approve button has been freezed.
Additional Info:
The Move Order Timeout Period attribute determines the number of days the order can wait for approval. After one time out period, if the recipient has not approved or rejected the order, a reminder notice is sent. After a second time out period, the order is automatically approved or rejected depending on the Move Order Timeout Action attribute you set.

—- Sudhakar Vanarasi

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