OAF Personalization in Special Information Type

      We got a
requirement to enable only the specific SIT to be displayed in custom
responsibility. Generally when the user clicks on Standard MSS responsibility,
all the SIT will be displayed as default. As per the requirement,
if the user
clicks on Custom Manager Self Service responsibility,only the specific 
(For eg. Extra Bonus) should be allowed .

 For Example 

  MSS Responsibility
  XXX_MSS  Responsibility
Extra Bonus
Extra Bonus
Steps to Personalize:
  1. Navigation -> Custom MSS ResponsibilityàSpecial Information
  2. Select Employee . Click on Personalize page    
  3. Click on Personalize page and Choose Style as Flex.
       4. Click on Personalize.
       5. Across the Custom responsibility, under the segment List
provide the structure of the SIT.
             Example – (STRUCTURE_NAME|SEGMENT1|SEGMENT2) .

      6. At the Context levels , Specify the Custom
Responsibility to restrict at responsibility level.

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