Oracle Forms – Stacked Canvas creation over the Content Canvas

This article explains the technical aspects
of developing a Stacked Canvas in Oracle Forms.

Canvas is a surface inside a
window container on which we place objects. To see a canvas, we need to display
it in a window. A canvas will be displayed on the window on which it is
We have several types of Canvas. This document will briefly explain
us on how to create a Stacked Canvas and Content Canvas in the same window in
Oracle Forms.

Steps for creating
Stacked Canvas over the Content Canvas

1. From the Object
Navigator,  Create a Detail Block which
has more number of Columns and
   place it in the default Content Canvas. 

2. Click the ‘Stacked
Canvas tool’ in the toolbar.

3. Drag and Drop it on
the Content Canvas where we want to position the Stacked Canvas.

4. Press ‘F4’ and click
on the property pallette of the Stacked Canvas.
5. Specify the View port
X and Y position, Width and Height of the Stacked Canvas.

6. Show Horizontal
Scroll bar/Vertical Scroll bar to ‘Yes’
7. Ensure to include the
below snippets of code in ‘WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE’ trigger
Stacked Canvas Name
8. The Canvas can be
hidden using ‘HIDE_VIEW(‘Stacked Canvas’);
9.  In the Screenshot given below, Columns A to H
is placed on a Content Canvas while from Column I to the last columns are
placed in the Stacked Canvas.

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