PO Approval Issue – Workflow Error at “Is Document Complete” Activity

PO Approval Issue – Workflow Error at “Is Document Complete” Activity
One Purchase Order (PO# 549131) have been created without the “Supplier” and “Supplier Site” names and submitted for approval. Now, the PO is in “In Process” status.
If the PO is in “In Process” then it should be with some one for approval. But, no one got the Approval Notifications for this PO. Check the “Action History” for this PO.
Purchase Orders > Purchase Order Summary > Query the PO# 549131
Inquire > View Action History
Click “OK
There are no Action Records are available for this PO.
Now, check the Purchase Order Workflow Status.
Navigation: Inquire > View Approval Through Workflow
Workflow Status form will open
Workflow Status is in “Error
Scroll down and check the “Activity” 
It is in Error status in “Is Document Complete?” activity.
Double click on “Error
Error Name: -6512
Error Message: ORA-06512: at line
Error Stack: Wf_Engine_Util.Function_Call(PO_REQAPPROVAL_ACTION.DOC_COMPLETE_CHECK, POAPPRV, 1312466-842748, 256339, RUN
This is due to the non availability of the Supplier and Supplier Site details in the Purchase Order.
Now, we can’t open this Purchase Order and enter the Supplier Name and Supplier Site. Because, it is in “In Process” status. System will not allow us to open the “In Process” Status POs.
If we want to enter the Supplier Name and Supplier Site then we need to revert this PO Status back to “Incomplete” then we can enter the missing details.
To revert the PO status back to “Incomplete”, we need to apply the PATCH (Oracle recommended). To download the PATCH please follow the steps.

Go to Oracle Metalink Note ID: 390023.1 – Reset the PO using the re-set script.
Open the PATCH 9707155 and download the script “poxrespo.sql” (poxrespo.sql – to reset Standard, Blanket, Planned and Contract purchase orders)
Execute the script in the TEST Instance with below parameters.
  1. Please enter the PO number to reset : 549131
  2. Please enter the organization id to which the PO belongs (Default NULL) : 348
  3. Do you want to delete the action history since the last approval ? (Y/N): Y

Once the PATCH is applied, the PO status will become “Incomplete“. Then, you can enter the missing details and submit it for Approval.

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