Purchase Order Creation with GST

Please find the below steps for creating the Purchase Order creation with GST

Responsibility: India Local Purchasing
Navigation: Oracle Purchasing > Purchase Orders > Purchase Orders
Select the DFF

Click ok


Provide the Tax Category and Intended user
Save the work.
Click on Apply and save.
Make sure that the Recoverable Check box is enable.

 Come back to the PO Screen and click on Approve.

 Click ok
The Status will change to Approved.
Responsibility; India Local Purchasing
Navigation: Oracle Purchasing > Receiving > Receipts
Select the Inventory Org.
In Receipts Screen, provide the PO Number.
Click Find
Select the DFF.

 Click Ok

Click ok

 Select DFF

Select India Receipt
And click ok.

 Provide Quantity.

Click ok.
Give Sub-inventory and click on Lot-Serial.
Provide the lot number and quantity,
Click on Done.

 Click Ok

Go to Tools > India Tax Details

 Make sure that the tax gets defaulted and the Recoverable check box is enabled.

Click on Confirm Tax Check box.
System will pop up message “Taxes has been confirmed successfully”.
Click ok and save.

 Base entry for the Receipt:

PO Receipt Entry
Tax Amount:
AP Invoice Processing:

Responsibility: India Local Payables
Navigation: Oracle Payable > Invoices > Entry > Invoices

 Enter the data

Click on Match

 Provide the Receipt number

Click on find.
Select the match Check box against the line.
Click on Match.
Save and click on  Tools > India Tax Details

 Click on Apply and Save.

Click on Actions and select Validate

 Create Accounting

Click ok

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