Sale Quote Configuration with Creation and Approval process in R12

Oracle Sales Quote – Approval – Setup
Oracle Sale Quote is the system that offers excellent opportunity for the sales guys to create/follow up and play with the Sales Quotes as per the customer requirement and needs. Once Quote is approved it can be converted into Sales Order (in Order management) with Single click of mouse.          

One of advantage of Sales Quoting is that it enhance user experience , since it is part of OM , it retrieve all the relevant information from the Order management and once created and approved it creates Sales Order without much input from user.       

Oracle Quotes offers limited capability to create Quotes and Progress it through the Negotiation phase and finally creates Sales Order. In case your Organization has complex advance quoting needs we should Implement Oracle Sales Quoting.
Step 1) Line level Transaction type is created for the Quote.

Step 2) A Header level Transaction Type is created with Negotiation Flow As “Negotiation Flow – Generic With Approval

Step 3) The Line transaction type is added to the Header transaction type by clicking Assign Line Flows.
Step 4) A approval List is created for the Transaction Type, The Approval will be sent to all the persons entered in the list.

Step 5) After we enter all the details we click Validate Workflow which will submit “Validate OM Workflow

Step 6 ) A Document Sequence is created with type as Automatic and a Initial Value.

Step 7) Document Category is created with appropriate name and Table Name

Step 8) Document Assignment is done for the Category and in assignment Tab Sequence is attached

Sale Quote Creation and Approval Process
Step 1) A quote is created with the Quote Transaction type, and Transaction Phase as “Negotiation” and Status Will be in “Draft“.

Step 2) Line Level details will be entered and the Status will be in “Draft” status. 

Step 3) The Quote is progressed to next level by right click option.

Step 4) Next Eligible action is “Submit Draft”. In this step the draft will be submitted for Approval

Step 5) After submiting the Draft the status will be changed to “Pending Internal Approval”.
The Quote Approval will be sent to list of Approvals.

Step 6) The List users defined in the Transaction type will be notified for Approval.

Step 7) The User Approves the Quote.

Another User is also gets the notification of Approval

The User Approves the Sale Quote.

Note — The Status of the Quote now changes to Pending for Customer Acceptance, after all the approvers approve the Sales Quote.

Step 8) The Last Action in Negotiation Flow is Customer Acceptance.
Actions –> Customer Acceptance is selected

Step 9) Customer Accepted button is clicked

Note — After customer accepts the Sale quote the transaction Phase changes to Fulfilment and Status changes to “Entered” and quote Document Becomes a sales order, and there after order can be booked and taken forward for shipment

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