Select List Pagination in APEX IG

One main disadvantage of APEX Interactive Grid is the
pagination. IG default pagination doesn’t have the option as classic Select
List Pagination, instead it has page by page selection with Next and Previous
However, the classic Select List pagination with X-Y of Z
option in Interactive Grid can be achieved using the below code:


function(config) {
= {
        rowHeader: “sequence”,
        pagination: {
            showRange: true,
            showPageSelector: true,
            showPageLinks: false,
// uncomment to hide the first and last buttons
//            firstAndLastButtons: false
= {
        collectionClasses: “t-Cards
t-Cards–compact t-Cards–displayIcons u-colors t-Cards–desc-2ln”
    return config; // don‘t forget to return this!

Place the above code in the JavaScript section of the
Grid Attributes.


  • April 16, 2018 | 87 views