Set Interactive Report Filter with URL Parameters

Interactive Reports are very powerful, the end user can set filters, highlighting, add computed columns, do control breaks or groupings and much more.
As a Developer you might sometimes have the requirement to redirect from one page to another which displays an interactive report, but this report should be filtered by whatever value is selected on the first page.
1. Give a Static ID for the IR region
2. Use RIR in the ClearCache Section to reset to the default Interactive Report (clear all filters, formats, …) on the target Page
3.Use CIR to clear all report settings
4. Syntax:
       IR<operator>_<column_name>  where operator can be EQ,LT,GT,LTE,GTE,NEQ,LIKE,N,NN,C,NC
you can omit the operator if you want to use “equal” as operator

  • April 18, 2016 | 80 views