Substitute Receipts in Oracle Purchasing – R12.2

Substitute Receipts

This option can be used when we can receive the substitute item. Means we can receive item B, where as we ordered item A.

Firstly for this we have to define the item relationship between the items.

Step 1: Define Item Relationships.

NAV: Items—- Item Relationships.

Click on New.

Here we will create the From item and To items, type as “Substitute” and check Reciprocal if you want to apply the same logic between those.

Here we have given Sub item2 as substitute for Subitem1 and Subitem3 for Subitem2.

Give the details as below and save.

Now go to receiving options and enable “Allow Substitute Receipts” option.

NAV: Setup— organizations—–Receiving Options

Step 2: Create PO.

Raise a Purchase Order for three items and approve.

Go to Each individual line level shipments and check the allow substitute receipts as below and lick OK.

Step 3: Taking Receipts.

NAV: Receiving— Receipts.

Query with the PO number and Find.

Now you will find all the three Items under receipting and the Item field will be active to edit.

Now try to change Item2 in place of item1 as below and the system allows for the change.
Same item3 for item2 but if you change item1 for item3 the system throws the error.

This is because we have not defined the Item Relationship between Item3 and Item1 and thus the system is not allowing doing so.

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