Supplier Refund Process in Oracle Fusion Applications

Supplier Refund Process in Oracle Fusion Applications
Please find the below setups for Supplier Refund Process
1. Create Prepayment Invoice 100000
2. Process Payment for Prepayment Invoice 100000
3. Create Standard Invoice 80000
4. Apply Prepayment on supplier Invoice 80000
5. Create the dummy Invoice 20000
6. Apply Prepayment on dummy Invoice 20000
7. Credit Memo 20000
8. Record Payment for Credit Memo 20000
Step 1: Login as Application User

 Step 2: you will be in home page as below

Step 3: we need to navigate to Functional Setup Manager, click on User Name and you will be able to see Setup and Maintenance option it will navigate you to functional setup manger.

 Step 4: below is the functional setup manager window, we could able to see all the offerings as provisioned and enabled

Step 5: we could see Financials Offering as provisioned and enabled,  we need to  click on Implementation projects button in the below screenshot.

Step 6: Search for our Project in the search window

Step 7: Create Prepayment Invoice 100000
Step 8: Enter the required information for creating prepayment invoice and validate

Step 9: Make the payment

Step 10: Enter the required information for payment

Step 11: Create Standard invoice 80000 and validate the invoice

Step 12: Apply the Prepayment invoice
Invoice Validation
Step 13: Create Dummy Invoice for 20000.00 and Validate it 

Step 14: Create Credit Memo Invoice for 20000 and Validate

Step 14 : To Record the 2000 form supplier go to payment work bench select the type has Refund and select the respective invoice 

select the respective invoice then Save and Close 

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