Update/Add lines in Global Blanket Purchase Agreement using “Upload” Functionality in Oracle EBS

Team would like to use “Upload” or Excel sheet options to update the Global
Blanket Purchase Agreement (GBPA). 
Using the
functionality in R12 has changed.  

this document describes the Step by Step Process to use “Upload” functionality.
Login to
oracle Instance with your User name and Password. 
Instance Name:  XXXXXX
Log in using the URL : xxxx

Create a Data file using the
attched Excel sheet and Save the same in Text(Tab delimited) format. 

The data source file template can be downloaded from iProcurement Catalogue Administration —> Upload Tab. (Skip this activity if you have a source file)

You can see below Page:

Select Tab-delimited Text  and click on Download button to download it.
Y        You can see the downloaded file and save it to the computer and open the downloaded file which has file name as “TextTemplate.txt”

           Sample Excel File :

                Open the file in Excel format  and Enter the all relevant information in the column.
  •         To Add a New line, use “ADD” in “Action Column.
  •         To update the existing line, use “SYNC” in Action column.
  •      To Use price break, Enter the Quantity and Break Price column 

After entering the data, Save the file in Tab delimited format.    

Sample “Tab Delimited” file with the filled in data 
  • Please note that this step is one time activity
    to enable the agreement for catalog authoring.
  • Please skip this step 2 and go to Step 3 if the
    agreement is already enabled for
      Catalog authoring
  • Navigate to “Buyer Work Center Menu” with in your Purchasing
    Responsibility àClick
    on Agreement  
Click on Search to select the required GBPA

Enter required information to get the Agreement.

Select the Agreement and “select “Enable catalog Administrator Authoring” and click on Go to enable the catalog authoring to
check it from iProcurment catalog
 administration responsibility

You will receive a Confirmation as shown below. 

Step 3:

Navigate to “iPrcourement
catalog Adminstration” page

Search the Agrement number
which you want to update and query the Agreement and click on “Update” to
update the GBPA

Note: If the Agreement is not appearing in the screen,
Please perfrom the Step2 and then go to Step3.

Go to the Lines Tab and select “Via Upload” option and click
on GO
Below Page Opens to upload the file
Select the file to load and keep other selection options are
as it is and Click Submit.
You will get a confirmation as above.

You can check the Program and it will get completed in

Go back to iProcurment catalog Administration Responsibility–>Agreements Summary 

the Agreement and check the BPA line to see the update.

In our Example, 1st line price got updated as
333.01 from the old price of 200.01.

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