Upload Catalogue item Images in iProcurement

Upload catalogue item
Images in iProcurement  
  Oracle iProcurement
module is widely used by oracle users to raise catalog and non-catalog
Purchase Requisitions. iProcurment module is very user friendly screen to raise
requisitions and hence it is most used module. 
                         “Picture Speaks Louder than Words”, as famous
English idiom says a picture provides more information instead of providing
just letters or description of an item. Hence the user will be able to
understand and choose his right product from the catalogue in iProcurement.
                        This document describes
the Steps to add images in the iprocurement to show them while performing
catalogue requisitions.

Benefit of this Feature:

Helps the user
to identify the appropriate product
to clearly identify the product
to avoid ordering wrong product  

Step1: Set the required profile option

                We have to set 
below profile options at site level to start the process. 
POR: Hosted
images Directory:
the value to the directory where you will be storing the image files tobe used by iProcurement.
Mostly the directory would be /OA_MEDIA/. Set the real path of this
directory as the profile option value.
POR: Show Thumbnail image 
set to Yes 

Step2: Store the images in the directory:

the images in .Jpeg or .png format and store the images in “
$JAVA_TOP / Oracle / apps / Media” folder. You may have to work with DBA team to store
the images If you don’t have access to database.

our example we are storing below image in the images folder

Step3: Create BPA and Map the image file name in
BPA line

create Blanket purchase agreement with the required item and map the image against
the required item.
Enter BPA Header DetailsàClick
on Line to enter Line details
Enter Line DetailsàClick
on Pencil icon to enter image details
Enter image file name in Thumbnail image field as shown
below àClick
on apply button once the data is entered
You will get confirmation message à Submit the BPA for approval
Below confirmation message appears and ensure that the BPA
is approved.
Now, BPA is in Approved Status.
Go to iProcurement Shopping pageà Enter the item Description in
the Search WindowàClick
Go to get see the item:
You will be able to see the item with Picture as above in the iProcurement Screen.
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