Adding data file to Mirroring database

        Adding data file to Mirroring database What is Mirroring? Database mirroring involves redoing every insert, update, and delete operation that occurs on the principal database onto the [...]

Adding data file to Log-shipping database

What is log shipping? SQL Server Log shipping allows you to automatically send transaction log backups from a primary database on a primary server instance to one or more secondary databases on [...]

Resource Database Corruption

Resource Database Corruption: What is resource database: Resource database is a binary and a system database, and its corruption would not allow instance to start. If resource database is corrupt [...]

SQL Server installation Slipstream

                        Slipstream in SQL Server What is the slipstream how to use slipstream to install SQL server? Slipstream is a technique used by System Admins to easily update the setup [...]

How to uninstall patch

How to uninstall patch file when need to downgrade and remove it What is the patch file. RTM is the original build version of the product when you download the ISO file from MSDN. SQL Server [...]

Excel is waiting for OLE” issue

How to fix the “Excel is waiting for OLE” issue Open the Excel sheet. Go to the File menu. Click on Options. Go to the Advanced tab. Scroll down to the General area and check “Ignore other [...]

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