This blog describes the sample request for creating Change Order in Oracle Cloud for the existing Purchase Order. This Change Order is to add project details in PO line and distribution level.

Before moving to the request, to access purchase orders through web services it requires below specific privileges to be assigned to the user account from which the request is called. Otherwise the request will end up in “Access Denied” error.

  1. Manage Purchase Order by Web Service privilege is required for create/change/cancel operations
  2. Search Purchase Order by Web Service privilege is required for get/find operations

In this example, a new role with these two privileges was created to access purchase orders.

Below is the sample SOAP payload to create Change Order.

Request URL:

Method: Post

Content Type: text/xml (If the request is called from postman it has to be added separately in parameter section. Uncheck the default one)

Sample Payload:

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=””>
<soap:Body xmlns:ns1=””>
<ns1:changeOrderEntry xmlns:ns2=””>
     <ns2:ChangeOrderDescription>Add Project Info</ns2:ChangeOrderDescription>
                 <ns2:DistributionProjectFlexfield xmlns:ns3=””>

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