1. Manage Exchange (Conversion) Rate type (Optional) 
  1. Mange Exchange( daily) Rates 
  1. Enter FX Journal and Post 

Manage Exchange (Conversion) Rate type (Optional) 

Oracle provided seeded rate types, if you want to define separately you can 

We have 3 types of rates 

  1. Corporate (Higher management people will provide) 
  1. Spot/Market (Market rate) 
  1. User (On the time of journal entry) 


  • Go to set up and maintenance 
  • Set up: Financials 
  • Task: %manage %conv% 
  • Select Manage Conversion rate types 
  • Click on + to create rates types 
  • Give the details 


  • Save and close 


  • Enforce Inverse Relationship – It converts USD to INR 
  • Enable Cross Rates means – It converts multiple rates USD to INR, INR to GBP, GBP to AUD 
  • Allow Cross Rates Override – If you enable it you can overwrite the rates  

Manage Daily rates 

  • Go to set up and maintenance 
  • Set up: Financials 
  • Task: %manage %daily% 
  • Select Manage daily rates 
  • Click on Daily rates  
  • Click on Create spreadsheet 


  • Give your login details then sheet will open and give the rate details 
  • Click on Submit 


  • After check the results in the system weather this details uploaded or not 



Enter journal and post 

  • Go to Navigator 
  • Go to General accounting  
  • Journals 
  • Go to Task icon 
  • Create Journal 
  • Enter the details 
  • Currency should be USD and Conversion rate our own defined rate 
  • In the lines Entered currency line will add because we are entering in USD currency 
  • Conversion rate also appear in the lines 
  • Save and complete and post 




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