Step by step process for Lease Creation to Termination

  • Go the Manage Leases :
  • Enter all the details in Create Lease Page by clicking (+) button

Once all details added then click on “Generate Schedule” then lease will create as below

Then program “Generate lease schedule” should be successful



Once it is completed then go the lease and added the payment schedule to create the asset


Then review the lease and submited


Then go to the asset description and submit then asset will generate as below

When you want to change the account then you have go the navigation -> Adjust Assets

Enter the asset number in the asset field, then click on transfer assets

And when you want to transfer the asset, then you have to follow as below


And when you trying to change the category then you have go to the Adjust asset and enter the asset number and change the category


Then once select the category then click on submit




  • When you would like to terminate the Lease then click on “Terminate” as below

It will populate the below page, then we have to give the terminated date.

We have to click on “Generate Schedule”

Then the Lease asset will terminate as below










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