The Oracle E-Business Suite Electronic Technical Reference Manual (eTRM) is a repository of database design and dependency information for Oracle E-Business Suite.

Earlier it was available in online in the below url (  This will help to  figure out the table relationships for Release 12.1.3 or 12.2.

Now, it is available as patch in My Oracle Support (MOS) and one can download the contents of the eTRM to view the Oracle E-Business Suite design information. These are set of static pages and can browse the FND model from the FND tab and the Oracle Data Dictionary from the DBA tab.

How this will be useful?

For Developers:

This will be very useful in writing SQL queries to find the relationship of two tables to get primary key information and other useful information.  Also, this will help them to understand how the data are placed in various tables. During upgrade, this ETRM will help them to understand what columns have been replaced / deprecated.

For DBA’s:

Even for the DBA’s, it will help to writing monitoring queries in database. For example, if you need to find information about the forms login users, and you will need to know about fnd_form_functions_vl view, this ETRM will be helpful.

How to use it:

Step 1: Download files from Patch 32405646 (For 12.2.2) and Patch 32347023 (For 12.1.1)

Step 2:  Unzip each file using the following command

unzip -o <each zip file name>

Step 3:  cd Oracle-E-Business-Suite-12.2.2_ETRM

Step 4:  Open the index.html file in your browser to view the main page of the eTRM

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