Employee as Supplier creation page error-Alternative Solution proposed


Follow this process for first time creation for employee as supplier

  1. Enter expense report for 1$ for Employee
  2. Run the program for Import the expense
  3. AP invoice will be generated –Review and cancel
  4. Employee Supplier update to perform in supplier page


New Responsiblity –>Supplier




Enter the transaction in the form for 1$ for any expense and save.

Once exported to AP invoice cancel the same.


Using this responsibility user can created the employee as supplier in the expense report

–>Expense Report


After entering the report –>save the transaction –View–>Submit new request


Expense Report Export

Source -Payables Expense Reports


Once the program completed you can view the output


Query the invoice number in the Ap module


How to update the Employee supplier


The setup can be performed in the supplier page for the liability and prepayment account


The supplier details can be found from Expense Report Export in supplier page screen


Query for the supplier number- 379172 /Supplier name -Dogaru Adrian-Florin


Accounting Tab- 


Here you can set up the the liability and Prepayment account


In the AP invoice form You can change the liability account


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