1. Check tfactl status with version:

tfactl status

2. Check tfactl tool status:

tfactl toolstatus

3. Get config details:
tfactl print config

4. List of user having access to tfactl:

tfactl access lsusers

5. changing property of a user:

tfactl access promote -user oracle

6.Adding or removing users from access list of tfactl:

tfactl access add -user rpdtro
tfactl access remove -user rdptro

6. change port number for tfactl:

tfactl set port=5001

NOTE – make sure to restart the tfactl after port change.

7. Stop/ start tfactl:

tfactl stop

tfactl start

8. Enable /disable autostart of tfactl upon reboot:

tfactl disable

tfactl enable

9. Find tfactl version with simple command:

tfactl version

10. Collect diagnostic report :

tfactl diagcollect -all

11. Get notificationaddress email:

tfactl get notificationaddress

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