dbIMPACT is an Oracle Apps upgrade Analyzer tool which provides detail assessment on CEMLI.


  • Lists all custom objects in source Oracle EBS environment
  • Impact analysis of all custom code migration from source to target EBS environment.
  • Works for any 11x, R12x versions of EBS.
  • Effort estimate on migration to target EBS version.
  • Suggestions on how the impacted custom code can be migrated to target EBS version.
  • Tracking the status of the custom code migration
  • Upgrade Analyzer can generate Upgrade statistics within next few hours
  • Upgrade Impact Statistics will be available over the cloud and can be tracked for completion


  • CEMLI Report graph shows the number of custom objects in each object type
  • The CEMLI Report displays the list of custom objects based on the object type selected as input parameter
  • Task List Report graph shows the number of custom objects assigned to each of the users based on the impact type
  • The Assessment page provides the list of dependencies for each object based on the object clicked
  • The Analyzer Page provides the differences between the two EBS versions for all the object type.

Request for dbIMPACT

dbIMPACT is an application provides the flexibility for the users to create their own reports and dashboards powered by Oracle’s emerging technology Application Express framework (APEX)