Doyensys University

Doyensys University

To develop a competent Oracle community, Doyensys is invested in offering unprecedented opportunities to fresh graduates. Through a series of initiatives, Doyensys is contributing to developing the Oracle talent of the industry.

Opening up possibilities for fresh graduates

  • Equal opportunities regardless of gender, background, and race.
  • Priority to students who come from villages or weaker sections of society.
  • Campus drives in colleges in and around Trichy.

Investing in training fresh graduates

  • Train the new graduate hires in technology to bring them up to speed. Evaluate their progress periodically to identify and work upon their weak areas.
  • Make the new graduates financially independent from day one by disbursing their salary during their training period.
  • Offer permanent opportunity in a project as soon as the training period is completed.


  • Open the doors for the Final Year students for an internship in the development and HR teams.
  • Involvement of Project Manager/Senior developers, who guide the internship candidates through their internship and ensure that it is completed on time.
  • Offer a stipend to meet the basic requirement of travel allowances.
  • Opportunity for the students to do their Mini/Main Project in the development.

How we Hire Freshers ?

Opportunities to Interns

Internship students are interviewed and selected for valuable work. It gives us an opportunity to test them and offer permanent positions.

Hiring students of different degrees

Instead of focusing only on engineering students, we have hired science & Arts students also who have been successful with our organization

Importance to attitude and passion

We place more importance to the learning attitude and passion than where their educational institutes are.

Conducting Effective Interview

Unique interview process ensures testing the skills on problem solving and ability to learn fast.

Improving Communication Skills

If they have passion and a great learning attitude, we have hired students who were up to the mark with their communication skills. We take upon ourselves to train them in communication by giving English coaching.

First preference to economically backward students

Give opportunities to economically backward students who deserve being promoted in the society. It stems from our commitment to being socially responsible and helping the community.

Hiring from remote colleges

We have been hiring students from colleges in the remote areas of South India. E.g. We have hired students from colleges in Kovilpati, Sivakasi and interior regions like Tirunelveli. It defines our commitment to give opportunities to the rural students

Culture Fit interviews

This gives the commitment to Doyensys and individuals to stay longer with the organization with the willingness. More than having a bond singed we believe in if someone understands the value and then join it makes meaning so we typically do a culture fit interview and spend a good time in it to identify the right candidate.