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Session Abstract:
Oracle Management Cloud represents a new generation of monitoring designed for today’s IT organizations. This session will enlighten the audience how Oracle Management Cloud can play a significant role with its intuitive built-in dashboards that can provide instant insights about the customer’s Oracle E-Business Suite applications. The session will also throw light upon the monitoring, management, and analytics capability included within Oracle Management Cloud and that can benefit the team that manages Oracle E-Business Suite. The audience will also get to see the setup that has to be done on the Oracle E-Business Suite end so that the out-of-the-box Dashboards can give the next generation insights that are required for better management of Oracle E-Business Suite. The session will also showcase the audience the benefits that can be reaped by using Oracle Management Cloud for Oracle E-Business Suite. The session will also enlighten the audience as to how Oracle Management Cloud enables Oracle E-Business Suite customers to make intelligent decisions about the future and then execute those decisions with full-featured automation. All types of audience right from a technical developer, functional consultant, Database Administrator and also the senior management of an enterprise can attend and benefit from this session.