Foundry Management Solution (FMS)

An exclusive application designed and developed to automate the business process for the Casting and Forging Industry.

Our Foundry Management Software is helping Foundry Managers and Owners overcome daily business challenges and providing solutions to the requirements of the problems arising in the Foundry Industry.

  • Specially Designed for Foundry
  • Casting and Forging Industry
  • Developed by industry experts to overcome Customer’s challenges to meet :
  • On time customer delivery
  • Reduce inventory carrying cost
  • Reduce rejection cost
  • Utilize Energy Efficiently
  • Technology
  • Build on latest Technology – Oracle Supports for APEX
  • No Additional license cost for development tool
  • Easy Maintenance as the database and application are in the same technology.
  • Offers various reporting features like chart , Drill down, Interactive Report etc., hence separate management reporting tool is not essential.
  • User can customize and analyse all reports (Microsoft Excel-like feature)
  • Download reports in Excel or PDF formats.

We offer our foundry management software to support all your business activities recorded and analysed with the following major categories.

  • Customer Enquiry to Order Booking
  • Planning based on Furnace capacity for pouring
  • Production reporting & Inspection process from pouring to finished goods
  • Purchase indent to procurement and payment advice
  • Material receipt at the gate to issue to the user
  • Invoicing and Inspection / Test certificate printing.
  • Automated workflow process for production process.
  • Multiple units / warehouses can be configured.
  • Authorization depending on user or role.
  • Keep track of customer and supplier information.
  • Maintain product information, such as specifications and drawings (Casting and Machine).
  • Pattern information and usage, such as the number of pours completed to date, pattern owner information (self or customer), pattern expiry date, and so on.
  • Grade Master
  • Configurable tax structure
  • Inventory control
  • Enquire module to keep track of potential and prospect customers
  • Daily and Weekly Planning.
  • Pouring schedule based on customer’s agreed-upon delivery date.
  • Casting serialization is used to keep track of the history of each casting procedure.
  • Sub Contract module to systemically track the subcontract details.
  • Quality Control – MPT / DPT / RT / UT
  • Reports to help with production monitoring at various stages.
  • Customer-facing materials are available in PDF format.
  • Device friendly – Thus the application can be accessed using any devise such as mobile, tab, laptop, desktop and so on.

We provide various predefined reports to the management to monitor the process and make organisational decisions. Some of the critical reports are mentioned below.

  • Order Management Report
  • WIP Report
  • Pending Order Report
  • Sales Report
  • Rejection Report
  • Tonnage Report
  • Stock Statement Report
  • Indent Report
  • Invoice Printing
  • Real-time access & visibility on business operations
  • Easy integration between business and financial data
  • Enhanced business reporting
  • Better customer service
  • Omission of human errors with predefined process and formulas
  • Better data analytics based on various QC process and test data
  • Time and cost saving
  • Effective planning and utilization of resources
  • Vast scope for process automation
  • Unified customer facing documents
  • Secured information with access controls

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An exclusive application designed and developed to automate the business process for Casting and Forging Industry